Covers for cars

When you leave your car outdoors, in the absence of a box or a garage, it exposes to the elements and to the elements as diverse as snow, rain, sun, resin and pollen, bird droppings. So often it happens to the need for costly maintenance to the body, polishing, special cleaning or painting, because the car does not have a place to shelter indoors. You can get around this problem by using a carport appropriate, the choice of which is based solely on the space available and the budget to invest. Whether a tarpaulin steering wheel or a frame insulated aluminum or wood, in any case it will always have the same function, namely to efficiently protect the bodywork of your car. That's why choose a cover for adequate car depending on the area and the space available is very important.

Covers for carsHow to choose a carport
A solution, almost trivial in its simplicity, is that of a car cover for fixing to install perhaps in series with other car owners who use the same space. For example, an apartment building with outdoor parking is the appropriate place in this solution, excellent and definitive, especially if there is the possibility to share the cost with the other tenants. PetraPark, the innovative and exclusive coverage for cars made in PeTra, designed and built to repair cars and vehicles from the sun and weather. PetraPark thanks to sophisticated design fits in any context: houses, large public or private car parks, service stations, supermarkets, car washes.

Covers for cars in aluminum powder coating polyester, epoxy, thermosetting and non-toxic, for any RAL, are realized with tubular of various sizes, calculated according to the surface area of ​​the structure, all evaluated parameters of flow rate and static calculations. Covers for car are fixed to the floor with brackets or cemented wells, If you want to build a shelter for your car, it is the classic garage, you can choose from solutions in various materials. It is canopies and covers for cars, which are an alternative to the beautiful and functional garage. Models available single, double and side you choose covers for cars that best meet your needs with a reliable result and long-lasting.

This type of cover for car can be custom designed; the customer by sending a photo or drawing, specifying the measures, can have a custom quote for his form of parking, our study design engineer will assist you in your request. Our covers for cars are designed to achieve a shelter, simple and cheap, shelter from the weather such as snow, hail, rain, tree branches and ultraviolet rays. Modern look and minimalist therefore adaptable to different contexts. Constructed of steel or aluminum covered with shading net or PVC waterproof.

The cover for car can be modular and allows unlimited extensibility, can be self-supporting, shaped tunnel or against a wall. On customer request we design and make covers for cars that meet every need (assistance for the design and documentation necessary for the technical departments of the municipalities).

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