Azienda - Pe.Tra srl

The company PE.TRA Ltd., taking advantage of the knowledge in the area offers the best solutions to the needs of coverage and closing, both for the industry and for the residential sector.

Making use of highly qualified employees aims to advise and serve its customers from the first contacts in the search for appropriate solutions to meet any need and providing assistance to its products even after the sale.

Stronger than 20years of experience the company Pe.Tra Ltd. aims to provide quality products and guaranteed in their structure and coverage.

Passion, commitment and research in innovation have enabled the company to meet more than 2500 customers over the years.

A company established at the regional level that over time has been able to develop at the national level: today the company Pe.Tra srl, with its services and the sale of its facilities, buy the entire Italian territory. For other products that the company can offer we invite you to visit our website Pe.Tra snc.


The staff

The staff is always available to recommend the best solution that fits your needs and your budget.

In addition, our staff is constantly updated not only in technical but also commercial and bureaucratic to be able to respond to any need regarding concessions, permits installation, and much more.

Preventivo dei lavori e consulenza son gratuite;)!


Implementation of new ideas

A team of engineers and technicians in charge of developing in practice the ideas and innovations that the company wants to make available to its customers.

Here comes as the new shelter PetraPark2013!

But there's more in the pipeline, there are already new ideas and new projects, some still unmarketable others are coming in the next months!

Curious ?! Contact us, you could be the first to receive them !;)


Customer care

Extreme attention is date to the relationship between the customer and the company since from the first contact: utmost seriousness and availability for facilitate not only our work but also your choice.

Direct contact telephone or via email allows us to understand your needs and to relate the best to be able to give an outstanding service.

The company is also committed to provide after-sales service designed to ensure the long duration structures. In this regard we provide a periodic maintenance of the product.