Pe.Tra srl ​​uses raw materials of high quality and is equipped with modern machinery that allow the construction of carports with a high quality standard. The use of modern technology and the constant search for technical solutions allow carports PetraPark, in addition to a reduction in costs of maintenance and management, a significant increase in quality standards and achieve an optimal performance ratio Price.

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Roofing Car

The main structure of a carport consists of pylons made of double tubular reinforced and decorative circle, supported by uprights square variable section fixed to the ground. The warping in the upper part of the carport is formed by crosspieces fixed pylons in the same by means of screws retractable galvanized steel. For durability and a lack of maintenance in the time the carports are subjected to a metalization treatment to cold and powder painting of the chosen color. The coverage of the carport is chosen depending on the needs and tastes of the customer; It is usually chosen the PVC sheet anchored to the frame with galvanized pocket bar, but can also be used as covers most complete compact polycarbonate. Carport installs quickly, it is modular and fits in car parks of all sizes. The structural setting allows perfect static balance, giving high resistance to shock loads of snow and wind. The carport is designed based on precise static calculations. Some carports are made of anodized aluminum and steel joints treated with cataphoresis and powder coating polyester, treatment used by car manufacturers to protect the components on the bottom exterior of the car, does not require any ongoing maintenance . Customizable design and refined models of carport covers are designed to support strict licenses, as solar panels, polycarbonate panels, etc. Each component of the carport has been designed taking care to maintain a certain purity of the lines, looking for a simple and elegant form that can be adapted to any architectural context. A carport, though not definitely has all the characteristics of a real garage, is still able to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, sun and is a good cover to avoid damage from hail: They occur rarely, but we know that when this type of atmospheric precipitation occurs, can damage our vehicle. The carport is available in a multitude of different colors! You 'can customize the color and coverage is designed for electrical and / or lighting ... and much more, is a customizable product; PetraPark line is aimed at customers looking for a functional solution and quality but also refined and elegant. Following the new emanations contained in the new energy bill penalizing the trackside, that of photovoltaic carports is an interesting alternative, given the wide range of panels available on the market and the different needs of each customer, the carports PetraPark from time to time may be adapted. All carports PetraPark be accompanied by technical report calculation drawn up and signed by qualified technicians, On customer request they design and make structures that meet your needs (assistance for the design and documentation necesary for the technical departments of municipalities).

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